Keep NVGs, optics, ammunition, and firearms accessories secure and accounted for in our lockable, fully welded cabinets.


Welded cabinets are built around the concept of 4-post shelving — allowing for the same type of shelving optimization offered by Spacesaver’s open 4-post shelving systems, while also providing compatibility with UWR® accessories. The configurability of available lengths, widths, and heights creates a flexible cabinet that can be used in virtually any space.

Equipped with solid back- and side-panels, these lockable cabinets can be paired with single- or double-walled doors to completely prevent visibility into the cabinet or framed window doors for visual inspections. Add drawers, shelf dividers, bins, and more to create the perfect cabinet for your needs.

Welded cabinet for Optics storage
Welded Cabinet for optics storage


  • One-piece fully welded construction uses 18-gauge steel to provide reinforced strength and durability
  • Flush, solid side and back panels prevent visibility of stored items
  • Can be used with frame-mounted doors (single-wall, double-wall, and window)— providing optimal door rigidity, and a variety of panel types and lock options to choose from (see frame-mounted doors literature for details)
  • When used with solid panel frame-mounted doors, there is zero visibility into the welded cabinet
  • Modular, stackable design maximizes storage space
  • Cabinets can be ganged together for stationary applications, or can be utilized in a Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Storage System
  • Compatible with both UWR® and 4-post shelving accessories (including 4-post drawers), when used with or without the frame-mounted doors
  • Welded design allows the welded cabinet to be easily transported to new locations without disassembling
  • Available in a range of sizes

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