From the range to training to storage, WeaponWRX Cart is a flexible, configurable solution for transporting multiple weapons and accessories between locations.

WeaponWRX Carts are compatible with all UWR accessories, as well as all FrameWRX accessories to suit a variety of military applications.

Mobile Weapons Cart
Mobile Weapon Cart


WeaponWRX carts are designed to be easily reconfigured for any type of small arms including rifles, hand guns, tasers, M4, M16, AR-15, MP5, M249, M240, and more. Weapons can be stored and transported with optics mounted, using barrel supports and stock cups.

In addition to weapons, the WeaponWRX cart is designed to accommodate a variety of accessories, including shelves, plastic bins, wire baskets, storage trays with dividers, and more. All parts are user-reconfigurable so that you can easily adjust the carts as your needs change.

Carts are 35″ Wide x 49″ Tall and are offered in both single- and double-sided designs, depending on your needs. Custom sizes are available as needed.

Learn more about the WeaponWRX system and accessories by downloading our WeaponWRX Info Sheet.