WeaponWRX System


Turn any wall, mobile system, or open space into a configurable weapons rack.


The WeaponWRX modular weapon storage system was designed for storing firearms and other military weapons and accessories. Configure the rugged, modular steel frames with a variety of components to accommodate rifles, pistols, and other weapons and gear. In addition to weapons storage components, the system can be configured with plastic bins, wire baskets, metal trays, dividers, and more to accommodate accessories and small parts.

This open system can be freestanding (double-sided), mounted on a wall, mounted to a compact mobile system [link to HDMS page], installed on a WeaponWRX Cart, or bolted together to create a continuous wall. Components ensure that weapons can be stored with optics mounted for optimum readiness. Plus, all accessories are user-reconfigurable, so the system can change as your storage needs change.

WeaponWrx Modular Weapons Storage System
Weapon storage in compact mobile storage system on Modular WeaponWRX System


  • Multiple storage configurations for any type of small arms: rifles, shot guns, hand guns, tasers, M4, M16, AR-15, MP5, M249, M240, etc.
  • Weapons can be stored with optics and other accessories mounted to the weapon
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Rugged all steel construction
  • Durable powder coat paint – many standard colors available
  • Modular construction – interchangeable parts – user reconfigurable
  • Shares components with Spacesaver’s industry leading UWR® Universal Weapons Rack and FrameWRX® Storage System product lines
  • Units are 36” wide, 84” tall and 13” deep (Custom sizes available)
  • Units bolt together to create a continuous wall
  • Single-sided (attaches to wall) or double-sided (free standing)
  • Can be mounted to Spacesaver’s mobile carriages for double the storage capacity in the same space

Learn more about our modular weapon storage system by downloading the WeaponWRX Info Sheet.