Mobilize Your Armory

Ideally, your arms room would have plenty of secure space for every weapon, accessory, NVG, and piece of tactical gear. Inventory counts would be simple, and you’d have plenty of space to grow and reconfigure if your needs change. You could quickly access weapons when needed, but can rest assured that they won’t be accessed by the wrong person.

In reality, you may not have the space to expand or the funds to renovate, and your weapons  storage may be less than ideal. That’s where high-density mobile storage comes in. By mounting shelving or cabinets onto a carriage and rail system, mobile storage eliminates fixed aisles to compact your storage space. It’s a simple concept that enables you to significantly increase your storage capacity or store the same amount of weapons in half the footprint. That means you can create workspaces adjacent to your storage, or store even more weapons in the same room.

Wasted Space

Stationary Shelving

Conventional static shelving requires fixed aisles that waste space.

Increased Revenue

Increase Space with Mobile

Compact mobile shelving systems eliminate all but one movable aisle, in most cases saving 50% of your floor space.

Double Capacity

Double Capacity with Mobile

Compact mobile shelving allows you to double the storage capacity of the existing space.

In garrison, almost any type of weapons storage solution can be mounted onto a mobile system. This means your new or existing Universal Weapons Racks, shelving, cabinets, and drawers can all be compacted. Universal Weapons Racks can even be ganged together or stacked based on your space constraints. In this way, mobile system allows you to store everything you need – multiple types of weapons, their accessories, extra parts and tools, optics, NVGs, and more – in one compact space.

Organization is half the Battle

Modes of Operation

Manual Operation


Pulling handle moves carriage side to side. Ideal for smaller mobile storage systems with lighter loads.

Mechanical Assist Handle


Aisles are accessed with the turn of an ergonomic, three-spoke handle, easily moving loads of up to 10,000 pounds with only 5 pounds of effort.

Powered Touchscreen Operation


Aisles are accessed with the push of a button or by using an intuitive LCD touchscreen. Comes with battery backup in case of a loss of power.

Total Secuready

Securing a Mobile System

Drawing of locking option on compact shelving system


For mechanical assist mobile systems, lock pins can be used to keep the system locked down when not in use. Padlocks can be added for another layer of security.

Touchpad access controls with pin access capabilities


We offer multiple options for locking powered mobile systems, including PIN-code and card-scan access with audit trail for added security. These systems can be integrated into your existing security system.

Safety is a Priority


All mobile weapons storage systems come equipped with a minimum of one safety sweep, which stops all system movement in the case of a person or item in the aisle. Additional optional aisle entry and Zero Force Sensors are also available for powered systems.

Photo Sweep safety drawing for powered compact storage systems

Photo sweep for Powered Operations.

Mechanical Assist Safety Sweep

Safety sweep for mechanical assist.

Zero Force Entry Safety drawing for powered compact storage system

Zero force sensor for powered operations.

Learn more about the concept of high density mobile storage by downloading our brochure