With so many military weapons storage options on the market, it can be difficult to know which solution will provide the best protection and long-term value. While all of these solutions might look the same on the surface, Spacesaver has worked directly with the military to address and test every detail of the UWR and make the most secure, durable, and user-friendly option available.

Designed with you. For you.

Military Weapons Rack storage


While many weapons rack options are now available, the UWR is the first weapons storage system of its kind. When the Marine Corps was looking for a better weapons storage solution, they reached out to Spacesaver to design a solution to their exact specifications. We brought our expertise from over 40 years of engineering storage solutions to address the Marine Corps’ challenges – and some they hadn’t thought of. Not only have all of our units been cycle-, durability-, and drop-tested, we also took the time to test all of our coatings against substances found in an arms room.

Optimal Protection for Your Weapons


To ensure that every type of weapon you use is secured and accessible – both in storage and transport – we designed each kit, support, and barrel rest to the exact specifications of the weapon you’re storing. Not only does this prevent movement and abrasion, but it also means that when you open your cabinet or pull out a weapon, nothing will fall out or get in the way, protecting your weapons and your personnel. After all, a universal cradle that can store every type of weapon doesn’t mean it’s optimal for any weapon.

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    Weapons rack powdered coated accessories
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The most weapons in one cabinet

84" UWR with 30 M4s


You may not have the luxury of expanding your arms room, but you can create additional storage space by increasing the density of your storage solution. Our weapons racks allow you to store weapons with all optics attached and zeroed, creating a significant increase in operational readiness and efficiency. Each standard 45” UWR can hold up to 15 weapons with optics, while the 84” cabinet can fit 30 rifles – more than any similar cabinet on the market.

Our racks come standard with fully retractable doors to save aisle space, and the racks can be stacked or ganged together without welding or chains. Plus, you can get up to double the storage capacity by mounting your weapons racks onto high density mobile storage.

It’s Ready. So You Are.


The UWR has been designed to prevent movement, vibration, shock, and abrasion of weapons during transport in a storage container. All cabinets and accessories have passed extensive accidental shock and loading tests, and have been field-tested by all branches. There’s no need to repack the racks before deploying – just place the racks into a storage container and tie down. The perforated doors and sides make inventory and accountability simple, while keeping weapons safe and secure.

Universal Weapons rack transportability

It’s simple to change accessories.

Stock Cups for Universal weapons storage


While multiple weapons racks have been assigned NSNs, the UWR was the first to be assigned at the request of the military. Plus, the UWR is the only weapons rack with NSN-assigned accessories, meaning all components can be purchased using Class IX funds. This makes it simple to change and add accessories without the need to buy an entire new rack when your needs change. An M16 rack can quickly be reconfigured for M4s with just a few new NSN-assigned accessories.

UWR® Storage System. It’s Ready. So You Are.